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The Garden Island

Well known around the world for its breathtaking views, its picturesque landscapes, and its isolated beaches that go on for miles, Kaua'i is truly the gem of the pacific. Kaua'i provides the perfect setting for life’s most special moments. Whether you’re enjoying the lush, emerald mountains of the North Shore or the amber fields and sunsets the West Side, Kaua'i truly is a slice of heaven in Earth. 


When selecting where you want those precious memories captured, you really can’t go wrong - no matter where choose or where you’re staying, this island paradise always delivers. 

Sun setting over the receding headlands

Ke'e Beach,

North Shore Kaua'i

Bali Hai at Sunset, Kauai.jpg

Bali Hai, Tunnels Beach,

North Shore Kaua'i


Hanalei Bay,

North Shore Kaua'i

A view of the ocean from the cliffs alon

Shipwrecks Bluff,

South Shore Kaua'i

Hanalei, Hawaii, 96714