​Ashley Valera


My husband


Indiana Jones



That's me and my family. My husband and I are childhood friends. We met at summer camp when we were 10 & 11 years old. I love my life.


I'm a real person and I know you are, too.


You can count on me to help you look and feel your best during our time together.


I want to have fun with you and I want to take pictures of you as you naturally are together.


So stop looking for a photographer... 

you found one.

 It's me!

Ashley Valera

First Family Photo with Indiana Jones "Indy" 2016

Married On Kaua'i 2016

Homecoming Dance 2003

My husband took this polaroid photo of me at summer camp in 1997. I love that he spelled my name wrong. xoxo P.S. under the white-out he first wrote "Ashely my best summer girlfriend." But, he got embarrassed... Haha xo

Our first adventure together to Kalalau 2018

Polihale 2019

Valentines Day - Sunrise - Anini Beach 2015

Indiana Jones and I on another adventure 2017

15 & 16 years old,  Homecoming Dance 2003 

That Is Why Photos Are Important!

The only thing we get to take away from our special moments in life are the memories, the lessons and the photos!