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How I Use 17Hats Automation To Save Time

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

How I Use 17Hats Automation To Save Time


Did you know

that 70% of clients will book with the first photographer who gets back to them?

It's TRUE!

Responding quickly to a lead is critical in a saturated market like wedding photography.

I don't have to deal with the frustration of losing a client because I was too busy to respond quickly and professionally.

I didn't want my client experience to change or be lacking because I have a newborn baby.

The 17Hats app + my saved templates allows me to respond from anywhere in real time.

It takes me about two minutes to setup a new client and send out a quote, contract and invoice.

Seriously, it's that easy!

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Save 50%


Three Tips To Overcoming the Frustration/Challenge?

Tip No.1

Save/Create a rapid response email template.

Feel free to use this one below to help get you started.

Use Tokens like Contact First name.


Tip No. 2

Save/create a template for your quotes, contract and invoice.

I have a great one to share that you can use as a guide to setup your first quote, contract and invoice.

+Add New Contact.

+ Add Project.

Use Your Saved Quote Template.


Clients name,

Event date,

Event location,

Event start time.

For a copy of my full contract please scroll to the bottom of this post.

If you're going to copy and paste the contract, please go over it line for line and make the necessary changes for your business and clients.

+Save/Create Quote Email Template.

Feel free to use this one below to help get you started.


Tip No. 3

Download the 17Hats App on your cell phone.



Heard of 17hats? I use it to organize and automate my small business, and I swear by it.

Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money, and lets me focus on what I do best – not paperwork.

And only because you’ve been referred by me, a 17hats member, can you get this special pricing.

But be sure to use this



to get this invitation-only pricing.

Just click on the link below.

I'll be happy to share my 17hats experience with you as well!


Please go over this contract line for line and make the necessary changes for your business and clients.

Client Name: USE TOKEN

Event Date:USE TOKEN

Event Location: USE TOKEN

Event Start Time: USE TOKEN

Terms and Conditions:

Definition of Client/s | The person/s whose signature/s appear on this photography contract shall be the client/s and shall be the one/s to whom Ashley Valera delivers its products, and shall be financially responsible for all payments to be made under this contract. This contract incorporates the entire understanding of the parties, and any modifications to it must be in writing and signed both by Ashley Valera and by the client/s.

Exclusive Photographer | It is agreed that Ashley Valera, will be the exclusive commercial photographer providing still prints for or at this event. Others may take photographs or record video as long as they do not interfere with the duties of Ashley Valera and do not photograph or record poses arranged by Ashley Valera. It is agreed that interference from others, paid or unpaid, who attempt to photograph or record the same poses or scenes during the same time period as the Studio may detract from the quality of Ashley Valera’s images, and may be cause for Ashley Valera to cease work until such interference ends. Ashley Valera will not be responsible for time or images missed as a result of such interference.

Copyright and Reproductions | It is agreed that Ashley Valera shall own the copyright to all images created through this contract. The Studio shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions for the client/s or for the photographers' portfolios, samples, self-promotions, entry in photographic contests or art exhibitions, editorial use, for display within or on the outside of the photographers' studio, including the internet. The client/s agree/s to purchase all prints and/or images directly from Ashley Valera. The client/s will not copy or reproduce the images in any way without Ashley Valera express written permission. Unauthorized copying or use of Ashley Valera’s images is an infringement of Federal Copyright Law and a violation of this contract. Unless specifically stated, this contract does not provide the client/s with any ownership of or rights to use the negatives or digital image files created under this contract.

Prices | These prices shall be in effect for a period of thirty days after the date of the event. For any additional items, or for contracted items not fully specified or ordered by client/s until after the thirty day date (“late orders”), prices shall be those in the Studio’s regular price list in effect at the time any such additional or late order is made.

Personnel | Ashley Valera may substitute photographers in the event of a photographer’s illness or incapacity. In the event of such substitution, the Ashley Valera warrants that the photographer taking the photographs shall be a competent professional. The Studio may utilize one or more assistants at the event, and such assistant/s may also take photographs under the supervision of a principal photographer.

Release of Liability | In consideration for being allowed to participate in this Activity, I release from liability and waive my right to sue Ashley Valera (Ashley Valera Photography), their employees, officers, volunteers and agents from any and all claims, including claims of negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death) or economic loss I may suffer or which may result from my participation in this Activity, travel to and from the Activity (including air travel), or any events incidental to this Activity I am voluntarily participating in this Activity. I understand that there are risks associated with my participation in this Activity, such as physical and/or psychological injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, death or economic loss. These injuries or outcomes may arise from my own or other’s actions, inactions, or negligence, or the condition of the Activity location (s) or facility (ies). Nonetheless, I assume all risks of my participation in this Activity, whether known or unknown to me, including travel to and from the Activity (including air travel) or any events incidental to this Activity.

Retainer Payments / Liquidated Damages / Travel Expenses | Once the Studio reserves a date and time for the client/s, it ceases attempting to sell its services for this date at this specified time to others. If the event is cancelled or postponed the Studio suffers a loss. The Client/s agree that it would be difficult to ascertain the damages suffered by Studio as a result of a cancellation or postponement of the event. Therefore, the Client/s agree that if Client/s cancels or postpones the event 60 days or more before the event, that reasonable liquidated damages is the initial retainer payment made by the client/s is not refundable. The Client/s further agree that if the cancellation or postponement of the event is done within 60 days before the event, the reasonable liquidated damages are all monies, including, but not limited to, the retainer that has been paid to the Studio and are not refundable. Please note on destination weddings in the event that photographer is not able to attend event due to last minute flight cancellations by airline (within 24 hours), or other circumstances outside of the studio's control, travel fees will not be refundable unless studio is able to recoup costs from airline. All other expenses paid to studio in the event of flight cancellations will be refundable. Payment is due in full immediately upon client/s signing this contract and receiving the invoice.

Image Storage | Ordered images will remain on file for one year from the date of the shoot. Unordered images will be purged after 100 days from the date of the first viewing. It is highly recommended that Client backs up any digital images. It is Client’s responsibility to back the images up on another format such as a USB drive. Once the images are in the hands of the client, it is the client’s responsibility to save the images. Backing up your images is very important.

Studio Liability and Performance | Ashley Valera takes great care with respect to the exposure, processing, and delivery of photographs. In the event Ashley Valera cannot comply with the terms of this contract due to negligence, oversight, accident, error, omission, any other avoidable or unavoidable circumstance, whether caused by Ashley Valera or otherwise, Ashley Valera’s and/or photographer/s' liability for this or any other circumstance shall be limited to the amount paid up to that time by the client/s. The Studio does not guarantee to capture any particular image(s) or meet any particular aesthetic criteria as part of its performance under this contract. In addition, failure by the client/s to make any payment as and when agreed shall release the studio from any further responsibility under this contract, without the responsibility to return any monies previously paid to it under this contract. To the extent provided by law Client/s hold harmless the Studio, its officers, agents and employees from all liability, damage, cost or expense arising from claims for injury to persons, damage to property occasioned by reason of any conduct undertaken by reason of this contract (the hold harmless will not apply to the extent an injury is caused by the gross negligence of or the willful misconduct of Ashley Valera, its officer, agents or employees.

Inherent Qualities | The client/s understand/s that photographs may fade or discolor over time due to the inherent qualities of dyes, inks and materials and agrees to release Ashley Valera and/or photographer/s from any liability for any claims based upon such fading or discoloration. Prints made at different times, from different cameras, or from digital media vs. film, are expected to have variations from each other in color balance and finish. Proof images may bear watermarks indicating they are proofs and showing the Studio’s name and copyright information. All print sizes are nominal sizes, not exact measure.

Governing Law | Ashley Valera and Client/s agree the laws of the State of California shall govern the validity, construction, and performance of this Agreement, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any actions relating to this Agreement shall be brought in the state or federal courts located in and serving Los Angeles County, California.

Counterparts | Client/s and Ashley Valera agree that signatures by facsimile transmission or electronic scan are acceptable and shall have the same force and effect as if an original signature.

Failure To Perform| Due to the limited and subjective nature of the event Ashley Valera Photography cannot be held responsible for requested photographs not taken or missed, lack of coverage resulting from weather conditions, or schedule complications caused by but not limited to, anyone in or at the event, or by the church or location, etc.. The photographer is not responsible for lost photo opportunities due to any kind of equipment malfunction, the lateness of the event couple, or other principals. The Photographer is not responsible for the lack of coverage due to bad weather conditions, scheduling complications due to lateness of individuals, rules and restrictions of venue, or the rendering of decorations of the location. Ashley Valera Photography will work with you to reschedule your photo session.

* Note: Sometimes there are events that are out of our control, like weather. Ashley Valera Photography will always cooperate to reschedule your photo session, if possible.

Construction and Severability | Wherever possible, each provision of this Agreement shall be interpreted so that it is valid under applicable law. If any provision of this Agreement is held illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be reformed only to the extent necessary to make the provision legal and enforceable; all remaining provisions continue in full force and effect.

Digital Negatives files | Digital Negatives as defined in this contract are 4320 pixel on the long edge JPEG image files. Digital negatives are unedited. Images ordered for print will be fully retouched. Digital negatives include a print release from photographer for personal use only. Client understands that digital negatives may not be altered without permission from studio. Client may use images in social media. Digital negatives are delivered in 180DPI, and are sufficient to print 16x24 prints without need for interpolation or enlargement. Digital negatives are offered by shoot, meaning wedding day, portrait session, or engagement session negatives are all offered independently of each other unless specified in quote. For additional cost not covered under this contract.

JPG Image files | JPG Images Files Or Social Media files as defined in this contract are 1800 pixel on the long edge JPEG image files. Social Media files are edited. Images ordered for print will be fully retouched. Social Media files include a print release from photographer for personal use only. Client understands that social media files may not be altered without permission from studio. Client may use images in social media. Social Media files are delivered in 125DPI, and are sufficient to print 8x10 prints without need for interpolation or enlargement. Digital negatives are offered by shoot, meaning wedding day, portrait session, or engagement session negatives are all offered independently of each other unless specified in quote. YOU WILL RECEIVE JPG IMAGE FILES UNDER THIS CONTRACT. You may purchase digital negatives for an additional price located on your initial quote. Please inquire if you’d like this option on your quote. Digital negatives can also be purchased after your photo session.

Travel Fees | Sessions for clients may require a travel charge for east, south and west side locations. Please inquire for a full list. Additional locations may require a minimum order, please inquire as to your chosen location for details

Cancellation | Upon acceptance of these terms and payment of the retainer, Photographer shall commit to attending the Event on the specified time, and shall make no other reservations for that time period. However, Photographer may cancel this agreement for any reason Photographer deems necessary. If Photographer cancels event, he will return all monies paid by client and will refer client to a replacement photographer. There are no guarantees that a replacement photographer will be available. If Client cancels, Client will forfeit 50% retainer paid and must notify photographer in writing. If event is within 14 days, client agrees to pay, in full, the balance owed to Photographer as outlined in this agreement within 7 days of written cancellation [If Client does not pay the difference by this date, then such amount shall accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% simple interest per month, or the maximum rate allowed by law, whichever is less.]

Model Release | Client agrees that Photographer may use images of Client from any portion of the Work for display, publication, or other promotional uses without payment of additional compensation to Client or Client’s agents. Client’s guests at the Event shall be deemed to have consented to the use of their name, image, or likeness by Client or Photographer for the duration of the Event, and Client shall indemnify and defend Photographer from and against any claims that any of Client’s guests may assert against Photographer arising from, or related to, the use of any name, image, or likeness of Client’s guests by Photographer.

Client/s Responsibilities | Client agrees to cooperate in scheduling and time management to allow the photographer to perform the taking of pictures under this contract. Client further agrees that the Studio is not responsible for the actions of others that impede the Photographer’s ability to take pictures under this contract. When the designated photographer of the Studio is performing actions under this Wedding Contract, client/s shall cooperate within reason so that the Studio work will not be impeded. If for any reason the client/s actions are such that the Photographer is unable to schedule and/or meet deadlines and/or the client is being unreasonable in dealing with the Photographer the Studio may terminate this agreement. If the client/s actions are such that the Photographer’s work is severely impeded or impracticable to perform, then the Studio is not liable for the quantity and quality of pictures/videos taken.

The Sunrise or Sunset Photoshoot | Client agrees to cooperate in scheduling and time management to allow the photographer to perform the taking of pictures under this contract.

Permit Fee |Hawaii state requires a permit for beach activities such as weddings, vow renewals, elopements, photo sessions, etc. Ashley Valera will obtain this permit for you unless your wedding officiant is purchasing your permit. Extra cost of $30.00 USD.


For more information and to apply, please visit:

No minimum purchase is required.


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