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Why I Chose 17Hats Over Other CRM Platforms like Dubsado & Honeybook

17Hats Starts Working For You The First Day You Sign Up

Why 17hats over other platforms:

  • 17hats is the only platform developed with in-depth features built to work together.

    • Example: When an Invoice is paid a workflow can automatically trigger, sales tax is documented in a report, bookkeeping is updated, client automatically receives an email confirmation with link to completed invoice. No other platform has as much interconnectivity as 17hats.

  • 17hats was the first and continues to be the best. While other smaller platforms are popping up and even ripping off functionality from them no one has done it longer or more successfully than 17hats. They are dedicated to the long haul.

Why 17hats over Honeybook:

  • Honeybook is very limited in features and what you can do. While it is great for someone getting paid for a hobby, it is not made for people wanting to run a full business.

  • Honeybook lacks depth in it features. While it can be great for people getting started, once your business grows you need more functionality then you will need to switch because you wont get what you need. 17hats has different plans that will grow with your business, so as your needs grow so does the feature set.

Why 17hats of Dubsado:

  • Dubsado is very glitchy and while some of their stuff looks pretty, it really lacks depth and connectivity.

  • It is very complicated compared to 17hats and difficult to set up.

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